We're coming at you with the cold, hard truth: Temperatures are dropping to freezing or even below freezing temperatures at times. You need to bring your pets inside during extreme cold weather and winter storms! If it's too cold for you outside, it's too cold for your pet!

FOR OWNERS OF INDOOR/OUTDOOR OR OUTDOOR ANIMALS: Make sure that your animal(s) have a safe and warm space to reside in during a winter storm. Need a crate to house your pet inside during this weather? Please reach out to us at! We have a very limited supply, but will do our best to accommodate. In need of puppy pads, blankets, and food? We may be able to help! Blankets are strictly for indoor use because blankets left outside will freeze and not keep your pet warm. If you absolutely cannot bring your animal in, please fill their shelter with straw as this is one of the only materials that will not freeze, mold, and will provide insulation. Please call (419) 891-0705 or email to see if we have supplies still available. We are here to help!

Your animal MUST be provided adequate shelter that will keep them warm and have access to food and water - water cannot be frozen!

KEEP COMMUNITY CATS WARM: Create a DIY shelter for your community cats - here's a quick tutorial! or consider cracking open your garage or shed door to provide a temporary refuge for them to keep warm.

WANT TO HELP? Please, donate large wire crates (36-inch, 42-inch, and 48-inch are most helpful), blankets, dog or cat food, and bundles of straw to our shelter, located at 827 Illinois Ave in Maumee, Ohio so that we can help provide supplies to owners in need.

URGENT INTAKES: We operate on managed intake to ensure that we have enough space, staff, and resources to provide proper care to each animal in our building. Due to these constraints , we may not be able to accommodate all urgent intakes. We ask that you email for assistance and bear with us.


24-Hour Emergency Veterinary Care:

Veterinary Emergency Center, 115 Chesterfield Ln. Maumee, OH 43537 - 419-708-5799

MedVet, 2921 Douglas Road. Toledo, OH 43606 - 419-473-0328

Found a stray dog? Legally, they must be taken to our friends at Lucas County Canine Care & Control, located at 410 S. Erie St. Toledo, OH 43604. Any stray dogs brought to THS will have to be turned away and referred to Lucas County Canine Care & Control. We appreciate your understanding in this!

Please be safe and diligent in this weather, and remember that your animals deserve to be kept warm and safe too.

SEE SOMETHING? SAY SOMETHING! Our cruelty officers are here to help - if you see an animal that's out in the cold, please give the cruelty line a call at (419) 891-9777 or make a report online at . All reports remain 100% anonymous. Please understand that we have just two cruelty officers. Just because you haven't received a call back in regards to the situation doesn't mean your report has been ignored. Their time is better spent carrying out the investigations than returning phone calls, so the more information you can provide up front in your report, the better!

AFTER HOURS AND NEED ASSISTANCE? Be sure to contact your local police department's non-emergency line if you witness an animal in need of desperate help. We've provided a list of local non-emergency line phone numbers in Lucas County HERE and surrounding areas HERE.