Temporary Changes To Business Hours

Like so many businesses across the United States, the Toledo Humane Society, is experiencing an employee shortage. We strive to save as many lives each year as we possibly can, but with a limited number of employees, we can only work so fast and ensure each animal is adequately cared for. Burnout and compassion fatigue in the animal welfare industry is very real, so we plead with the community to remember to be kind, patient, and understanding during these challenging times.

Starting Friday, October 1st, we are adjusting our hours of operation to the public-Monday through Friday 2pm-6pm and on the weekends 12pm-5pm until further notice in order to train and hire new staff. If you have a current surrender or foster appointment, these new hours will not impact you. We thank everyone in our community who supports THS, shows our staff kindness, and raises us up during the darkest times - none of this kindness goes unnoticed. Thank you for your understanding!

Interested in a career working with animals? Come join our team!

The Toledo Humane Society is currently hiring multiple part-time and full-time positions. Positions include full-time vet tech, part-time vet tech, and part-time animal care positions. For more information about the positions or to apply- please click on the button below.