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THS Birthday Party

Event Details

Birthday parties will be held in the Education Suite of the Toledo Humane Society by a member of our education staff. We will provide children with a unique and memorable birthday experience!

Jan 1 - Dec 31
12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
Contact us today for more information!

· Party reservations are available for children ages 6 - 12.

· Your party will be 2 hours of animal-themed fun—including games, a tour of the THS, and quality time with one of our adoptable animals!

· You are able to set up/decorate 30 minutes before your scheduled party time.

· 10 child and 2 adult maximum attendance (includes siblings)

· Birthday Party Fee: $125.00

Every child will receive a special party gift bag containing:

· A Coloring Book

· Animal Rescue Bracelet

· Tasty Treats