Lost and Found Pets

Keeping your pets safe

Identification is the key to being reunited with your pet if it becomes lost. Many pets end up at a pound or shelter because there was no way to identify their owner.

Microchipping Your Pet

Make sure that your pet is always wearing an ID tag with your name, current address, and current phone number. You can also have your pet microchipped at the Toledo Humane Society or most veterinary offices.

A microchip is an implanted identification device that can not be lost or removed. It is a great way to identify your pet in the event that it loses its collar or tags.

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Lost Dogs

If you are searching for a lost dog, your best option is to pay a visit to the dog warden’s office. Due to the high number of animals that are picked up by animal control every day the warden’s office will not be able to tell you over the phone if they have your dog. Stopping by the pound and walking through the kennels is the best way for you to identify the animal that you have lost.

Lucas County Canine Care and Control
410 Erie Street
Toledo, OH 43604
(419) 213-2800

The Internet offers many lost and found services dedicated to reuniting pet owners with their lost pets. Try posting a notice on any of these pet sites:

Found Dogs

If you have found a dog check to see if it is wearing an identification tag. Many pets that are wandering loose are simply lost and have an owner out there that is searching for them. If the dog is wearing a license its owner can be identified by the number on the tag. The Lucas County Auditors Office now offers a new online database for citizens who find a lost dog that’s wearing its tags. Using the database you will be able to obtain the name and phone number of the dogs owner in an effort to help return the dog to its home.

Access the Dog License Database

Contacting the Dog Warden

The Toledo Humane Society does not take in stray dogs. If you live in Lucas County, stray dogs should be reported to the Lucas County Canine Care and Control at (419) 213-2800. The dog warden will pick up the dog and hold it for several days to see if the dog is claimed by its owner. Unclaimed dogs become the property of the state and will be evaluated by the Lucas County Dog Warden for adoptability. If the dog warden’s office is closed and the dog is wearing a license, there are other agencies that may be able to retrieve the owner's identification from the dog licensing database. Contact the Toledo Humane Society at (419) 891-0705 or the Animal Emergency and Critical Care Center at (419) 476-0328.

Free Ad With Toledo Blade

If you’ve found an animal the Toledo Blade will place a free ad in the lost and found section of the newspaper. You can contact The Blade at (419) 724-6500. Your ad should contain only a vague description of the pet found, usually breed type, sex, and your phone number. If someone responds to the ad, ask for a complete description. This will prevent the animal from being claimed by someone other than its owner.

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Lost and Found Cats

There is no cat warden for Lucas County. Some shelters will take in stray cats and many do not. Some cats are outdoor pets so people may not start searching for them until 3-4 days after they are missing.

If you find a cat, try using all of the available resources to locate the owner of the cat. If the owner can not be found, then call your local animal shelter for information on surrendering the cat.

If you are looking for a missing cat, below is a list of cats that were found and brought to our facility.

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